Dear Kid Saturday: Craziness and Fun

Dear Joe–

Mom’s a few weeks behind on these letters, and I’m sorry. This week has been nuts, but fun for us. We’ve been playing the “Copy Me” game and learning how to read. Even though the Copy Me game is always your idea, you tend to get upset after about 10 minutes of me copying your every sound and gesture. I love it! :) I’ve also had fun teaching you how to use the microwave, and you’re doing a great job waiting for me to be around before you use it.

Daddy and I took you to the park this morning because it was such beautiful weather. You’re coping well with Dad not being around so much anymore, and I think you understand more than you let on. You had lots of fun playing in the castle, the tree, and the sandbox. You didn’t like the swings, and when I decided it was too hot and we needed to come home, you were a very big boy who didn’t cry even though there were several other kids who were crying because they had to leave too. A pregnant lady who was watching her son play in the sandbox with you said you were like a “little man” and you were very polite and well-spoken. It made me smile. You told her you were 5 and that you would be 6 on January 12th next year, that you loved your dog Lexi, and enjoyed playing on MyNoggin. I giggled.

Next time though, please remember that you are not the only child on the playground and you cannot run through there as if you were. :) You knocked a baby over and I was very upset. He was not hurt as the collison wasn’t terrible, but you should have listened to me when I said, “Watch out!”

One more thing, please please be good to your Granny Grace while I am out tonight. Daddy may come by to stay with you while I go be just me for a couple hours, but I’m not sure yet.

Much love, hugs, and kisses–


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  1. Sounds like a nice day at the park, even with the minor problems!

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